Functional M​obility 

Therapy & Massage

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(Accepting female clientele only. 

Thank you.)

Combining Massage Therapy

& PNF stretching

to reduce pain & improve posture 

for long lasting results!


(See below for 3 therapy options)

Please wear or bring comfortable clothing to your appointment 

for the assessment portion of the treatment.

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What is Functional Mobility Therapy?

What can I expect in a session?


Benefits of Functional Mobility Therapy & Massage

*Reduce Pain

*Improve Posture & Range of Motion

*Easily increase muscle strength & flexibility

while lying comfortably on a treatment table.

*Improve Hip & Shoulder Mobility

*Reduce Risk of Injury

PNF stretching is a gentle & effective way to  

release tight muscles such as:

*Neck Pain

*Shoulder Pain  *Hip Pain

*Piriformis syndrome

*Low Back Pain  *Knee Pain

*TMJ Pain * AND much more!

Therapy Prices

*Cash or Checks accepted only*

First visit includes assessment, full body treatment and home exercises.

            One hour therapy sessions: $60     

-Every session begins with a brief assessment to reveal which areas of restriction will be focused on during treatment.

-All therapy options are performed with client lying comfortably on the treatment table.


1) 1hr massage 

Full body massage to relax tight muscles with gentle PNF stretching of shoulders and hips to reduce pain & improve range of motion.

2) 1hr mobility session 

(Client wears comfortable clothing for the duration of the mobility session.)

Full body isometric flexing of specific muscles to improve posture & strength.

3) 1hr mobility & massage combination

30min PNF/stretching/strengthening (client clothed) & 30min massage to calm nervous system. (dressed down to comfort level)

Not sure which treatment is best for you? No worries! 

We can decide together after the assessment at the beginning of each appointment, as your needs can change from day to day depending on how your body feels.


What clients are saying

Once Kindra restored my hip mobility, my knee and ankle stopped hurting. I was able to complete my entire workout without pain for the first time in a long time. She also showed me easy exercises that

 I can do between workouts to stay out of pain. I am so thankful.

-Samantha R., Vancouver, Wa.

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female clientele only. 

Thank you.)

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