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.Please wear comfortable clothes you can freely move in 

for your mobility therapy session. 

What is Functional Mobility Therapy?

Therapy is focused on improving hip and shoulder joint rotation which is essential to have full range of motion and strength in flexion and extension of the limbs. 

Increasing mobility will quickly decrease pain from old injuries and reduce risk of future injuries. 

This therapy is great for everyone and is especially popular with athletes.

Therapy is performed with client lying on a treatment table and standing up depending on what movement is being isolated.

Clients will perform isometric contractions with resistance in specific movement patterns to improve range of motion, strength and healing of tight guarded muscle tissues.

Muscle 'knots' are muscle fibers that are not stretching or flexing fully. Using Isometric contractions is the quickest way to get those fibers functional again and out of pain! 

Using isometric contractions with resistance is key as to not allow the injured/tight muscle fibers to stretch or flex beyond their capacity so as not to cause more damage. This slight activation of guarded muscle promotes healing. 

Any pain the brain senses during these movements will be temporarily desensitized by using a massage percussion gun so that the nervous system will accept these movements as safe which promotes quick healing.

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