Functional M​obility


Kindra Bo​yle, LMP

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Please wear or bring comfortable clothes to your treatment session.

Each session begins with the client fully clothed on the table with shoes off to test muscle strength and work on joint mobility.

The massage portion of the session will begin AFTER the mobility work and is used to relax the nervous system after the muscles have been activated by the mobility work.

Mobility treatment is emphasized because it will address the cause of the pain which is usually tight/guarded muscle fibers that are not fully activating causing muscle imbalances and compensation movement patterns that limit full range of motion in joints and limbs.

Some sessions may not include massage (lotion on skin) because mobility treatment is what is needed most.

Each session will vary depending on the needs of the client. Mobility can take from 15min to 45min to 1hr. As consistent treatment continues, the need for mobility treatment will decrease as the body gets stronger and compensates less.

What is Functional Mobility Massage treatment?

Treatment strengthens the Neuromuscular system by reducing muscle compensation patterns that cause pain by activating guarded muscle fibers using isometric contractions to promote normal function and healing.

Isometric contractions are used to determine which tight/guarded muscles need to be activated in order to reduce compensation muscle patterns that cause pain.

Then the hip and shoulder joints are worked on in order to improve rotation and flexion. The joints must have full mobility in order for the limbs to be able to fully flex, extend and internally and externally rotate.

Having full range of motion and strength will improve function, promote healing and prevent new injuries.

The Neuromuscular system (muscles and nerve connection) is strengthened by training the brain that certain movements are now safe that were once painful.

This is accomplished by temporarily desensitizing the pain sensory feed back loop from the brain to the body by using percussion massage while activating painful muscles using isometric contractions WITH resistance. The vibration numbs the pain while the body is experiencing activating specific muscle fibers that usually causes the brain to perceive pain.

Using isometric contractions with resistance is key as to not allow the injured/tight muscle fibers to stretch or flex beyond their capacity so as not to cause more damage. This slight activation promotes healing.

This technique can be used on any muscles in the body and the benefits are many.

*Reactivates tight/guarded old injured tissues to promote normal function.

*Decreases future injury by reducing old painful muscle compensation patterns.

*Improves posture

*Increases range of motion in joints and limbs

*Increases strength and balance